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This is how it works

I am raising money for my private pilot training.  I am sketching and illustrating anything you bring me.  If you can afford 300 bucks go to the shop section and purchase the illustration there. 


If you cannot afford the price of a sketch all I ask is that you send me a picture of the item you want sketched to our EMAIL The only thing I ask is that you make a donation of any amount when I complete the sketch for you. In return I will send you the high resolution file along with a link to a store where you can buy all kinds of cool things with your design on it! 

Step 1.  Send me a picture of your ride.  It can be an airplane, car, rv, motorcycle it doesn't matter.  Send it to

Step 2.  I will confirm receipt of the pics and note if I need anything else to develop the sketch

Step 3.  I will complete the sketch and send you a link much like this one in the order it was received:

Step 4.  You can purchase all kinds of swag from the link I sent you and/or you can receive the digital file simply by making a donation.  You can venmo or paypal your donation.  Requests like these take 4-6 months to process due to the incredible demand!

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